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The Power of Sport

We believe in the power of sport and in sport’s place in society

Sport has a huge impact on our daily lives and on our society. Every day we are surrounded by images of sportsmen and women taking part in events and winning medals. Major sports events too are utilised variously in branding and positioning cities and nations; in showcasing sport and inspiring people to take up sport, so reinforcing other programmes and campaigns; and in catalysing, accelerating and guiding strategic plans for regeneration and development.

We believe that sport is undervalued and that the true impact of sport is not fully understood

With better understanding and better information about the impacts of sport, the power of sport can be even more effectively harnessed, so adding to the value of sport’s contribution to society.
The Global Sports Impact (GSI) Project

Working for a better understanding of the power of sport

  • The Global Sports Impact Project (GSI) was instigated to better understand the impacts of sport on society.
  • It aims to advance awareness and the understanding of the power of major sporting events.
  • The long-term vision is to create a standard that represents a holistic approach to the analysis and measurement of the impacts of major sports events.
  • The project also aims to understand more about the general impacts of sport and how sport is used to drive social change and education.
  • The GSI Project is building a community to exchange knowledge and insights and to create a unique forum to promote discussion around the positive and negative impacts of sport.
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What is the global impact of sport and how do we measure it?

Sport has become a multi-billion-dollar industry with a massive impact on the global economy. Yet few governing bodies and hosts really understand the true impact of their events. 

There is very limited data to support this understanding and there is no standard methodology to capture, to evidence and to measure and compare these impacts. 

Without this understanding and without this evidence, communication that is clear, comprehensive and compelling is impossible. 

Communication such as it is becomes confused and limited, representing an imbalanced equation of cost versus, only, economic impact. A real appreciation of the true, full value is lost somewhere along the way. 

So how do we understand what the true impact is of a major sporting event and what is the overall impact of sport on society?

We need a meaningful measure of the impact of sport and a methodology that creates a global standard.

We need the Global Sports Impact Project.
  • What is the true impact of a major sporting event?
  • 2015 – Another Big Year for Sport – Will it be bigger than 2014?
  • The GSI Project in 2015.
  • Who’s behind the GSI Project?
  • The challenge.

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Join the GSI Community
The GSI Project will shortly be launching the second phase of its project and everyone is invited to participate in the project. 

The second phase of the GSI Project will see the scope of the project widened and deepened to include more indicators, more analysis, more data and more events.

The GSI Project will expand its research in 2015, beyond the 500-plus events studied to date, to include the 30,000-plus events that are covered by Sportcal’s annual sports calendar each year, which includes world, continental and national, leagues, series, cups and championships. 

A wide variety of organisations and individuals have expressed their interest in participating in the GSI Project in 2015 and a number of major sporting events have expressed an interest in participating as pilot projects.

In 2015 the GSI Project will engage everyone in discussion and debate about what is the true value of sport.

You are invited to be part of this project by either participating as an expert or as a partner; running a pilot, or simply, by subscribing to the GSI Products and Services.  

Join the Global Sports Impact Project today to add to the debate, to share the knowledge, and to be a part of the unique, ground-breaking solution.


1 Russia 40379
2 Canada 40205
3 United Kingdom 37191
4 China 36924
5 USA 33985
6 Germany 28022
7 Italy 25529
8 France 24786
9 Brazil 24753
10 Japan 22886

1 London 22350
2 Rio de Janeiro 17209
3 Moscow 15777
4 Tokyo 15310
5 Paris 12219
6 Doha 10958
7 Copenhagen 8364
8 Kazan 7028
9 Beijing 7013
10 Sochi 6622
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