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The News+ service combines four major Sportcal services; News, Calendar, Directory and Sportcal Insight into one platform.

To subscribe to News+ fill in your details and have access to the information you need.

The News+ package is the latest offering from Sportcal which provides access to four major Sportcal platforms; News, Calendar, Directory and Insight magazine.
Access to News+ will ensure you are at the forefront of the sports industry with twice daily news alerts, access to over 300,000 global events, more than 15,000 sporting contacts as well as market leading publication Sportcal Insight.

Sportcal News

Sportcal News is widely acclaimed as the leading online daily news service covering all the key sectors of the sports industry. No other provider gives you in depth, impartial news from across the globe, covering over 185 sports and all the key industry sectors.
Our news archive includes over 65,000 features and articles, with over 5,000 new articles added every year. Sportcal News is the most comprehensive, insightful and independent sports market news provider.
To get in touch with the team or find out more contact us below:
Phone: +44 (0)20 8944 8786

Sportcal Calendar

Sportcal Calendar is the largest and most comprehensive online database of sporting events. Covering over 300,000 international events from 185 sports spanning 20 years up to 2020, it’s constantly updated with all the latest event announcements.
We cover everything from the biggest leagues and championships to one-off events. The service is updated daily. You can search past, current and future events at the touch of a button.
To get in touch with the team or find out more contact us below:
Phone: +44 (0)20 8944 8786

Sportcal Directory

Sportcal Directory is our in-depth guide to all the leading organisations and individuals involved in sport. It includes every major sector ranging from broadcasters and governing bodies through to agencies and sponsors, encompassing over 12,000 companies.
The directory provides more than 15,000 published industry contacts including CEOs, managing directors, vice presidents, general secretaries, heads of sport, heads of acquisition and many more.
To get in touch with the team or find out more contact us below:
Phone: +44 (0)20 8944 8786

Sportcal Insight

Sportcal Insight is essential reading for the sports industry. Packed with in-depth analysis, the magazine covers a range of sectors including media rights; sponsorship, federations and events, sport and technology, as well as sport cities and countries.
Written by the industry’s leading experts, there are insightful key features as well as regular exclusives allowing you to analyse developments in more detail. Our global reach of readers includes IOC members; heads of federations, city and government agencies, broadcasters, sponsors and brands, event bid and organising committees, and rights distribution agencies.
To get in touch with the team or find out more contact us below:
Phone: +44 (0)20 8944 8786

Features and benefits

A fully searchable archive of over 65,000 articles. Search by date, sector and sport
Access to breaking news as it happens. Over 5,000 new stories added every year
A twice-daily email alert. You will never miss the latest news, no matter where you are in the world
A daily news summary and access to the latest stories at a glance
Sportcal Magazine, published online, quarterly
A fully interactive calendar of over 300,000 global sporting events, with 30,000 new events added every year across all the major sports.
A full database including future, current, past and provisional events, searchable by sport, title, geography, dates and category.
Detailed information on events including the start date, finish date, venue, city, nation and organiser details.
An event planner providing a day-by-day analysis of scheduled events. A great planning tool for event organisers.
The latest news on major global events.
Link to data on rights distributors, sponsors and host cities through Sportcal’s market intelligence services.
A directory of over 15,000 sports industry contacts, across 12,000 companies.
These are fully searchable my company, name, geography, type and sport.
Full contact information including address, email, telephone number and website.
Key members of staff as well as related news and press releases.
Details of latest appointments and market moves.
We do not rely on advertising to fund the business and our stories are 100% unbiased and independent.
More insight. Sportcal's team of expert writers provide informed comment to enhance our expert data analysis.
More analysis. Complementing the market-leading online news coverage, Sportcal Insight delves deeper into the trends shaping the industry.
More independent. All our clients subscribe, that means that we do not rely on advertising to fund the business and our stories are 100% unbiased..

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