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Sportcal have been at the forefront of the sports industry for nearly 25 years. Our team of dedicated sports market researchers, analysts and journalists ensure that we are the most comprehensive provider of sports market intelligence worldwide.

If you’re interested in the latest global news, data and insight covering media, sponsorship, event, bidding and much, much more, then look no further.

Sportcal delivers this on a host of in-depth, easy to use platforms. Once you have access to Sportcal you will never want to be without it. Over 95% of our subscribers renew every year.

Sportcal will give you and your business a competitive edge, reduce your research time and ultimately make you money. We help our clients to stay ahead of the game.

Why choose Sportcal?

Sportcal’s news, analysis and insights span the globe
We provide intelligence across 190 nations, spanning 97% of the globe
We have a dedicated research team on hand to delve deeper into our data
We cover more sports markets than anyone else
Calendar of over 300,000 events up to 2020, with over 30,000 new events added every year
Contact details for over 15,000 sports industry executives
Over 5,000 new stories added every year
Over 7,000 new media deals added annually
75,000 sponsorship deals involving over 15,000 brands
Covering more sports than anyone else – over 90 Olympic and internationally recognised sports
A fully searchable database of bidding announcements and opportunities for all levels of sport covering over 1,500 bidding opportunities
Over 95% of our customers renew year after year

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