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About Us

Sportcal is the essential resource for anyone in the business of sport.  We have been at the forefront of sports market news, data, analysis and insight for over 22 years.  
Sportcal is the most comprehensive provider of sports market intelligence worldwide. Our product suite includes; News, Calendar, Directory, Media, Sponsorship, Events and Bidding.  We also publish a quarterly magazine and a range of publications. Once you have access to Sportcal you will never want to be without it. Over 95% of our clients renew every year.
Sportcal is also the lead partners of the Global Sports Impact project. Impact aims to create an internationally accepted methodology for measuring the impact of sports events across the globe.  
Sportcal will give you and your business a competitive edge, reduce your research time and ultimately make you money. We help our clients to stay ahead of the game.
Our history
Sportcal was founded in the UK in 1991 by Chief Executive Mike Laflin.  The Sportcal product began life as a calendar.  The product was the first of its kind and provided clients with a centralised calendar of all the global sporting events, available on a diskette. 
In 1996, Sportcal introduced an online version which worked alongside a CD ROM format, until 1998 when the service was moved fully online through sportcal.com. The site continued to grow and in 2001 Sportcal launched its own business news service adding value to the existing products.  Other products and services soon followed.  
In 2013, Progressive Ventures, part of the Progressive Media Group of companies, took a significant financial interest in Sportcal.  Progressive Media is a privately held international group of companies that span media, business information services, technology and communications. They have offices in over 20 countries and specialise in delivering market and business intelligence globally. The investment allowed Sportcal to significantly invest in developing our suite of sports market intelligence services and expand our global reach even further. 
As of today, Sportcal offers a full product suite including News, Directory, Calendar, Media, Sponsorship, Events, Bidding and a bi-monthly magazine.  We are also the lead partner on the Global Sports Impact project.